History Page

1910-Police Chief Buck Garrett along with Ardmore police officers in front of the Ardmore Police Station before resigning as Cheif in December of 1910 to be the Sheriff of Carter County.
1912-Sheriff Buck Garrett and Chief Deputy Bud Ballew oil painting in Ponder's Restaurant.
1916-Prisoners put to work on Roads of this county.
1919-Deputy Sheriff Bud Ballew kills Ex-U.S. Marshal Dow Braziel.
1922-Ex-deputy sheriff Bud Ballew shot and killed by the police chief of Wichita Falls, Texas.
1925-The elected Sheriff of Carter County, Ewing London, was indicted by a Grand Jury. London was temporaily removed from office and James Cruce was appointed Sheriff.
1930-Ada, Oklahoma mystic called in to find a Madill, OK man who had been missing for days.
1931-Carter County Deputies Bill Guess and Cecil Crosby stopped a car on "E" St NW. Inside the car was the nephew of the Mexican President and two other youths. A shooting ensued and the president's nephew was fatally shot by Guess. The shooting created an international incident, prompting a letter of regret from President Hoover to President Rubio of Mexico.
1935-Group photo of the Carter County Sheriff's Office.
1963-Group photo of the Ardmore Police Department.
1970-Group photo of Ardmore Police Officers.
1973-First Town Marshal of Dickson, OK Appointed.
1975-Group photo of the Carter County Sheriff's Office.