Tribute Page

October 3, 1916 southeast of Ardmore on Hoxbar route, Special Officer Oscar Alexander was instantly killed when he and other officers were shot at by George and Mose Love. The Loves were pulling a wagon of whiskey with a team of mules when the officers intercepted the illegal cargo.
May 1920, John A. Simms was a night sergeant for the Ardmore Police Department. Around midnight Claude Pruitt and Bob Crotzer had pulled up in front of the police station to return a flashlight they had borrowed. They went into the station taking with them a possum. They were ordered to take the possum back out to their car, which they did. But they returned a few minutes later. Claude Pruitt shot Officer Simms to death in front of the police station that night.
December 1921 Ardmore Police Detective C.G. Sims went to Wilson, Oklahoma to investigate a suspected bootlegging ring. There on the front porch of a Wilson house, a shootout insued, and Officer Sims was shot to death.
October 1930, M.E. "Babe" Pruitt was Constable of Gene Autry, OK when he was investigating an illegal gambling establishment at Gene Autry. While trying to arrest one of the participants, Officer Pruitt was shot in the stomach. He died the next day in the Von Keller Hospital here in Ardmore.
December 1930, William Con Keirsey was the first and only Deputy Sheriff of Carter County killed in the line of duty. He was shot in Wirt, Oklahoma (western Carter county) by Colquitt Davis. Also shot along with Keirsey was the undersheriff Vernon Cason. The two lawmen had gone to Wirt to check on a suspected stolen car. Upon entering a house at Wirt, a shootout insued, and both Keirsey and Cason were shot. Colquitt Davis was arrested several days later at Hereford, Texas by police there.
January 1931, Buddy Moorhead was a Detective with Ardmore Police Department when he was shot and killed by Pat O'Day . O'Day was found several days later in Estelline, Texas, where he resisted arrest, tried to escape, and was shot three times by Deputy Bill Guess , who had gone to Texas to arrest O'Day. O'Day died at the scene.
June 1951, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Theo Cobb was killed while investigating a traffic accident at Fox, Oklahoma (western Carter county) by 20 year old Max Fairchild of Alma, OK. Fairchild, stationed at Camp Chaffee, Arkansas, after hitting Trooper Cobb, left the scene. He later turned himself in the authorities in Healdton.
January 3, 1952 Assistant Ardmore Police Chief Oscar Wilkes was gun down in a driveway by Ardmoreite John B. Gandy. Gandy claimed he thought Wilkes was his girlfriend's ex-husband, coming to the house. Assistant Chief Wilkes was shot through the neck while still in his car on that rainy evening.
April 30, 1958, Ardmore Officer Charles Washington died from gunshot wounds he received in a 11 bullet shootout on East Main street two days previous. Washington had told Robert McIntire to go home. McIntire did, but return a short time later, and fired several shots at Washington. While falling to the ground, Washington emptied his service revolver at McIntire, who was hit several times.
December 22, 1960, Ardmore officer Bobby Rudisill was shot and killed by burglars at the Sooner Foods Store at 1213 North Washington in Ardmore. Rudisill and his partner had responded to the burglary in progress call, cornered Ft. Worth thug Arnold Jernigan in the refrigeration room, gun shots were exchanged, and Bobby Rudisill lay dying on the steps to the room. Responding officers fired over 200 rounds of sub-machine gun, carbine, shotgun and pistol rounds into the equipment room. Jernigan was found dead of a gunshot wound. His three accomplices, Melvin Thomas Renfro, Horace Burt Mullins, and John Milo Brown, escaped. But Brown was arrested two hours later on the highway leading out of east Ardmore by deputies John Smithers and Pete Fair. Mullins and Renfro turned themselves in to Ft. Worth authorities two days later. Renfro was sentenced to life in prison.
June 28, 1970, OHP Trooper Howard Crumley was brutally slain near Lone Grove, Oklahoma. Crumley had apparently stopped the Wilkinson brothers for a speeding violation. Crumley did not know the brothers had just shotgunned to death an elderly man near Duncan, Oklahoma. Crumley was shot with his service revolver in the head and died almost instantly. The Wilkinson brothers, Raymond and Hubert, fled the scene. Raymond committed suicide a short time later, and Hubert was arrested at his other brother's house, Melvin Wilkinson, east of Ardmore a few hours later. Hubert was sentenced to life in prisonment.
May 27, 1985, Healdton, Oklahoma police officer Doug Durington was killed when his police car collided with a pickup truck while in pursuit of a motorcycle in Healdton. Also killed in the pickup was an 11 year old boy. The driver of the motorcycle was arrested by other officers a short time later near Healdton. Officer Durington was 39 years old.