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Sheriff warns of Carter County phone scam

Posted on: September 11th, 2018   Categories: Sheriff Office News

The Carter County Sheriff’s Office says it is investigating a new report of a scammer asking people for money.

The caller pretends to be from Western Union, requesting money from people in order for the targets of the scam to stay out of jail.

“We had heard about it a couple of years ago,” Sheriff Chris Bryant said. “Within the last 72 hours, we had another case pop up.”

The sheriff said that’s not how his department does business.

“Once they bond out … they don’t have to worry about anything else like that, so don’t send any more money,” Bryant said. “We’re investigating it; we’re trying to find the location. We’re working with Western Union on trying to find the end destination, where it’s going.”

Anyone receiving a money demand should make note of the caller’s phone number and try to determine where the caller wants the money sent to.

The next call should be to law enforcement.

Article originally published by By Jackson Boland at KTEN News